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Easy Irrigation Design

​Connect to your existing drip system.

What kind of soil should I use?

Do not use regular garden soil! Use only soil intended for Container Gardens or Potting Soil. We recommend Fox Farm Potting soil.  Available at local nurseries (Summer Winds, Whitfills) and some True Value  or Ace Hardware stores. Use this URL to find a dealer near you.    https://foxfarm.com/find-a-dealer

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         What kind of Fertilizer should I use?  How Often?

Regular fertilizing is important when growing in containers! A good liquid fertilizer applied every 2-3 weeks will produce a healthy harvest!  Be sure to follow package instructions to avoid plant damage.  Miracle-Gro is a basic product.  We love Fox Farm Fertilizers!

How much should I water?

It varies by season, soils, plant type and exposure!

An inexpensive moisture meter available at most local garden centers or online is an invaluable tool for keeping your garden moisture at the proper level.